Friday, January 18, 2013

Monday, January 14, 2013

Roberto Matta
After I had written Friday’s post I found a piece of artwork by Roberto Matta and tried to publish on my blog sadly everything froze which was frustrating.

Deciding there was no need to panic I closed up my laptop thinking that I would be able to put the blog post on my blog on Saturday afternoon.

As usual everything went differently on Saturday so I did not spend any time using my laptop that day nor on the Sunday, nevertheless I managed to relax and enjoy the weekend.

Slowly I am beginning to understand that there's not much I can do when things either go wrong or don't go according to plan, its better that I remain relaxed.

However it is not always easy for me to keep calm and be patient, that is not really me as I am very impatient person, despite that I have learnt how to deal with it.

The weekend despite not going according to how I wanted was extremely enjoyable, Richie and I laughed a lot and dogs were very happy too.

today I'm just enjoying the fact that I've been able to access my laptop, check my e-mails and write my blog, hopefully also my Dutch blog.

Richie took the dogs for a long run to the Amsterdam Woods, where I'm sure they are having a fine time, as I am being able to write this.

The other thing that I have learnt very clearly is that it is important to enjoy everything possible to make the most of every precious moment.