Monday, October 19, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award, Kindess Award

I was given two awards recently which made my day, these were The Kreativ Blogger Award from Sherry@Word Salads
the Demyelination of Me

and The Kindness Award by Nadja@Living with MS

I would like to pass the Kreativ Blogger Award to the following blogs:

1. Robert@Barefoot Navigator

2. Friko@Frikos Musing

3. Tessa@Aerial Armadillo

4. Julie@A Woman With A View

5. Rose Marie Raccioppi@Apogee Poet

6. Susan@Art Spark Theatre

7. Ania@AniaArt

8. TBlaze@Critical Masses - discussing books and life

9. Desi@ Desi van Zyl Photography

10. Lynna@Petit Gateau

The Kindness Award I would like to pass to the following blogs:

1. Jazz@In Pieces

2. Lucy@Day to Day Life

3. MaryAnn @ Azoyizes and MS


MaryAnn@Azoyizes Blog

4. Maureen@ Being Chronically Ill Is A Pill

5. Jane@ Jane's Insane Writings

6. JC@Lilac and Cats

7. Nat@London Calling

8. Charles@ msb's The Disability Show

9. Aviva@Sick Momma

10. Wheelchair Dancer@Wheelchair Dancer


Rose Marie Raccioppi said...

I Thank you for a most pleasant and deeply appreciated honor. It was indeed so thoughtful of you to bestow this consideration upon me. A shared smile for the, "Kreativ Blogger Award."

Blessings and grace,
Rose Marie

Herrad said...

Hi Rose Marie,
It was my pleasure.
Look forward to seeing the blogs you aill pass it on to.

azoyizes said...

Herrad, you are the most loving and giving person! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will cherish the Kidness reward you shared with me.

Be well, my friend